Our Features

Why choose us ?

1COM is a free unlimited hosting service through cloud servers spread around the world, with over 5 years experience in free server management and hosting.

Secured Server

All sites hosted on secure and fast servers also with cPanel control panel provided for free You can install your SSL certificate easily and at any time!

Unlimited hosting

Unlimited Monthly Bandwidth, Unlimited Web Disk Space, Unlimited MySQL Databases, Unlimited Domains ,all that and much more completly free !

Easy To Customize

Completely free unlimited hosting for life, includes a free powerful cPanel, FTP, site builder, cron jobs, automatic script installer and many more features, all free!.

PHP & MySQL compatible

fully compatible with all website templates as well as dynamic PHP and MySQL Database websites script such as a forum or content management system (CMS)

Immediate support

whether it is a problem or suggestion ,Open a topic in our support forum Or send us a email and you will receive a reply and you will receive your reply in less than 24 hours

Detailed Specifications

Web Disk Space Unlimited
Monthly Bandwidth Unlimited
Addon Domains Unlimited
Parked Domains Unlimited
Sub Domains Unlimited
PHP Sendmail Unlimited
MySQL Databases Unlimited
FTP Accounts Unlimited
Free Domain Name ( .1com.ml )
SiteBuilder YES !
Site Statistics YES !
Script Auto-Installer YES !
Error Pages YES !
Cron Jobs YES !
PHP Flags Manager YES !
Online Browser File Manager YES !
IP Address Deny YES !
Custom CNAME Records YES !
Unmetered MySQL space YES !
WEB/POP3/IMAP4 accounts YES !
Custom MX records YES !
Custom SPF records YES !
PhpMyAdmin YES !
Password Protected Folders YES !
24/7 Monitoring YES !
Firewall Protection YES !
UPS Power Back-up/Back-up YES !
Generator YES !
Hotlink Protection YES !
Cisco Powered Network YES !
Linux Clustered Server Network YES !
Intel Processors YES !
Apache Web Servers YES !
Free 24/7 Support YES !
Control Panel x3 cPanel (Paper Lantern)
Plan Unlimited Hosting

and secure server
for your website

We use a range of powerful servers deployed around the world and are bundled together to function as a giant super computer that offers free cloud hosting service to all our customers.
Combining the power of many servers together offers tremendous responsiveness compared to other hosting services.
It is not only fast but it also resists failures that may affect the service. If one of our servers fails, your site will continue to operate normally as it is transferred to a working server.